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Posted on 23rd January 2018

Message 01/23/2018 00:04:56

Name of officer: Messina/ McCathy, and unknown
Date and time: 11/23/2017 approx. 2AM
Location of interaction: 1822 West El Segundo Blvd
Citizen Name: Stephanie Simon
Description of incident: At around 2am Monday October 23, 2017, I was jolted out of my sleep my loud banging on my window. The person then proceeded to shine a bright light into my window as well. There was more banging. I was so scared I hopped out of bed grabbed my phone and immediately dialed 911. The dispatcher I spoke to asked if I knew anyone that would be banging on my window at that time of night. I replied no. She proceeded to dispatch an officer to come check it out. I was too scared to peak out my window to see who it could be. Finally I got the courage to look. It was an officer with a blue flashing light around his neck. The dispatcher then told me US Visa Services was at my residence attempting to deliver a warrant to a tenant. For some reason he thought it was alright to rudely wake a citizen that had nothing to do with this incident. The dispatcher then called off the officer and no one bothered to come check out the situation. The situation was extremely stressful and I have been scared to sleep in my room ever since. The following day I called Gardena police and was later contacted by officer Messina who advised he would be getting back to me in regards to who the officer was. I never heard back from him. I called back a few days later and spoke with officer McCathy who also told me the same thing but I never heard back from him. Today is January 23,2018 and I have yet to hear from anyone regarding this matter and who the officer was that decided to disturb my peace. I have yet to receive an apology from that officer. Once again, I have been emotionally distraught since this incident and will soon be seeking therapy because I have been unable to sleep soundly as I fear for my life.
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Phone: 9517418271