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Posted on 12th February 2019

Message 02/12/2019 12:49:07

Name of officer: Officer Rosales
Date and time: February 12 2019 10:30
Location of interaction: Railroad tracks on berendo
Citizen Name: Elaine Reynolds
Description of incident: Officer Rosales and myself in my vehicle met at the stop sign on Berendo and 168th st. I proceeded to turn left on Berendo when Rosales flipped a u-turn and pulled me over at the railroad tracks. My passenger got out of the car and was asked to sit on the curb. I didnt know he had a pipe and told me he had informed Rosales of the situation. I was then asked to turn off my car and exit the car and sit on the curb. I was so scared of the situation that I didnt even put my car in park. Rosales then asked if he could search my car and I asked what for? At this point I was still not informed why I was pulled over. My reply to searching my car was "no". He said why and I just replied , "what for". I was still not informed why I was pulled over. Rosales searched my car anyways and my car rolled into the parked vehicle in front of me. I started to get up to get my car and I was told not to move. Rosales then told me that he was going to have to make a collision report now. He proceeded to ask me for my license and told him it was in my purse and he searched my purse in my car and not in my presence. He retrieved my licence and searched my entire car and found my passengers coffee thermal cup which had alcohol. He then began to mock me because I had allowed my passenger to have an open container. I thought it was coffee because we were on the way to go to work. Then at this point he started to write me a ticket and at this time I was told I was pulled over for the passenger not wearing a seat belt. I was asked for my proof of insurance and I told him where it could be found and the other officer said he only found the expired one. My passenger told Rosales that it was all his fault and Rosales responded with, " that he didnt give a FUCK and that he could complain on him if he wanted" . Rosales continued writing the ticket for me and had to ask the other officer for the penal codes that I apparently violated. I was given the ticket and my passenger was handcuffed and put in the officers vehicle. I was allowed to go back to my car and checked my car and the other vehicles car for damage. There was no visible damage to either vehicles but was ridiculed by Rosales that there was. He helped me find my keys and I left. I'm filing this complaint because of these issues:
? not informed of my violation
poor professionalism displayed by the officer
? Lack of knowledge of the violation I had committed
?violation of my rights with the searching of my car and being pulled out of my car for a seat belt violation.
?the last reason for this complaint is that I felt this officer had portrayed to me in my own opinion that he was above the law and there was nothing we could do about it.
In closing I hope that you consider everything that I have tried to clearly explain and as a citizen I have this right to Express myself without any backlash in the future.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 310 346 2714