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Posted on 16th February 2017

Message 02/15/2017 16:58:58

Name of officer: Unknown at this time
Date and time: January 22, 2017 at 12:36pm
Location of interaction: 14329 S Corlett Avenue, Compton, California 90220
Citizen Name: Basia El Bey, Native American Cherokee


I, Basia EL Bey, am a Native American Cherokee, Indigenous to the Land mass America and a Beneficiary of the Constitution of the State of California and the Constitution of the United States. I have guaranteed protected rights, endowed to me by my Creator, pursuant to California Constitution, Article 1, Section 3(b)(4) and Section 7(a).

On early Sunday, January 22, 2017 at or about 5am, helicopters began to surround our neighborhood near Rosecrans and Central. My Family had to go to work and handle daily errands however both ends of the street were blocked off making it difficult to get home. Since it was just women and children in the home, we became fearful and wanted to inquire of the situation.

At or about 11:30am, my sister tried to return home with groceries but was detained and prevented from doing so; while other officers allowed other neighbors to entered onto the street. My sister stated the officers used discrimination when determining who can enter into the street to go to their own homes. Our family's home is located at 14329 S Corlett Avenue, Compton, California 90220.

First we called the Compton Sheriff Station of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department when they referred me to your entity. I spoke with a dispatch lady to see if there was a watch commander on duty so we can redress our grievances. She said the watch commander was actually on site.

At 12:36pm, a Sergeant/Supervisor knocked on my Family's door, which had a "PRIVATE PROPERTY" sign, to notify us of their search for a suspect and to have consent to search our backyard. Before I could even give consent, the Supervisor's subordinate officer reach for one of our family's car door to search prior to getting consent. I was immediately fearfully confused because the officers had their guns out to search backyards and instead started illegally searching a vehicle that had no tinted windows, especially when they could have asked for access so we can have the option to consent.

Because it was just women and children inside and because of the officers abrupt actions, I asked the Sergeant/Supervisor what their protocol and normal procedures are and for the Sergeant/Supervisor's business card so I can file a complaint. The Sergeant/Supervisor stated that he did not have a business card. Then another officer with a long automatic gun holding a police German shepherd-type dog, used deterring and bullying tactics to deter me from making my formal complaint, yelling at me asking for my identification.

I informed the Sergeant/Supervisor that we will submit our complaint in writing and that as Native Americans on this Land, we just want the opportunity to redress our concerns when we experienced bias, discriminatory and unfair treatment by their officers. I thanked him for speaking with me and consented for them to search the backyard for their suspect.

Although I do not currently have all the names of the officers involved, I asked that a thorough review and investigation be conducted to what the proper procedure for a legal search and seizure in comparison to an illegal search and seizure, without one's consent. We want to also ensure that any of the officers' actions were not done to oppress or intimidate me and my Family from exercising our freedom of rights to move freely to and from our homes, especially as we are Indigenous Native American Cherokee and Choctaw.

My Family and I intentions are to have a healthy mediation and resolution according to the California Constitution, Article 1 Declaration of Rights, allowing us to bridge the gap between the People and those employed to serve and protect the People.

In Honour,

I, Basia EL Bey, declare and affirm, in the presence of the Almighty Creator, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct.

January 23, 2017
Without Prejudice
By: /Basia EL Bey/______
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