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Posted on 23rd February 2017

Message 02/22/2017 16:23:43

Name of officer: Terma Chon
Date and time: 2/22/17 1200 HRS
Location of interaction: Gardena Police Office
Citizen Name: Frank Hernandez
Description of incident: On 2/22/17 I went into the Gardena Police office to obtain a Police Report for a traffic accident involving one of my employees in early 2016. Ms. Chon assisted me, and asked me to wait to ensure that the report I requested was ready. I told her it was in 2016, and when I gave her the date and time she couldn't locate the report. She asked that I write down the time and date and saw that I had an email that I was referring to. She suggested that I forward her that so she could look into the report, and that if I wanted to, she would call me if she was able to locate the report. After I left, she called back shortly thereafter to say that she had located the report. In fact I had actually given her the wrong date, but she was able to locate it from me. Her great customer service to me was OUTSTANDING! She greeted me right away and was so kind and went out of her way to help me get the information I needed. I want to commend her on doing a great job, and showing what a great department the Gardena Police is.
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