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Posted on 11th March 2019

Message 03/11/2019 14:11:05

Name of officer: Officer Bezon and Officer Alacron
Date and time: 3/08/2019 approximately 12:10 PM
Location of interaction: 1247 w 144th place Gardena, CA 90247
Citizen Name: Wesley Campbell
Description of incident: I was sitting in my car parked in the driveway of my home and I saw a police car driving south on Raymond ave. A couple minutes later they passed by again driving north but they had reversed, came back and stopped. They then proceeded to conduct what I would characterize as a felony stop because their guns were drawn. They aggressively tried to illicit information from me while I was minding my own business on the private property I live on. One of the first questions I asked was if I was being detained and why. They didn't give any clear answers other than they wanted to run our names and "Make sure everything was okay". Knowing that wasn't a lawful reason for detainment I refused and let the officers know that they were on private property and they needed to leave because I live there and at that point they were harassing me. I asked repeatedly for them to call a supervisor out and they were refusing to do that. I then called Gardena Police Department to report the trespassing and harassment from these two officers. I was on the phone for about 5 minutes pleading to get some help from a watch commander and was told someone would be sent out. Before a sergeant could reach my location the officers then gave up and drove off. Even though I was told a supervisor would be coming out, no one came to my aid, for which I am upset. Furthermore, I writing this complaint because I don't believe it's normal for officers to conduct a felony stop with guns drawn and detain a person sitting in their car on private property with absolutely no probable cause. They claimed I could be stealing something from the car, but I showed them I had keys to the vehicle and I was just casually sitting watching a video on a laptop, which a thief wouldn't also I provided the officers with my last name and address of the location therefore confirming it was in fact my home.
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