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Posted on 23rd March 2021

Message 03/23/2021 16:17:29

Name of officer: Gisela Violeta Martinez
Date and time: Today's commendation is March 23,2021
Location of interaction: Earth/Milky Way Galaxy
Citizen Name: Gisela Violeta Martinez
Description of incident: Martinezgisela992 4 days ago( UN Gender Equality) All people's good works are appreciated.
By 2010 I Gisela Violeta Martinez began to hear threats, mockings, sexual harassments ONLY over obvious technology such as speakers, tv, phone & computer monitors in direct forms describing what I or my daughter's had on and/or our background; increased abnormal ongoing clerical errors, altered photos, fraudulent use of my signature at courts resulting in inaccurate, incomplete, unfair, cruel & unusual punishing rulings that forced joint legal custody w/ex abbussive husband (who was a mellow man mostly but I was blackmailed into marriage after USPS removal due to injuries 2000 & 2002 while delivering US Mail,experienced 6 physically violent endurements & my daughter's & I endured many verbal & emotional degradations over a 23year off/on Span(many shelters had no space &/or required I have visible bruising. The USA, California courts failed to acknowledge a whole year of my Domestic Divorce Filing at Compton Court, where I struggled to travel to and from for years seeking help while enduring medical negligence resulting in multiple injuries & know have an organ prolapse at vaginal canal from forced excess walking & moving after surgery for removal of fallen metal filshie clips(one may still be left inside, no one would answer my concerns of images of MRI'S & XRAYS), Since USPS bizarre (Omnipresence of Nanotech terrors)invisible push off steps of no railings, I landed too far, too hard & too fast for how cautiously slow I was moving; I would bleed to my knees every month with several blood clots the size of an egg or my hand & have been in pain since at numerous body parts. As a child I did suffer a head traumas at appx. age 6 or so & experienced a few sporadic questionable bizarre visual & auditory painful scenarios that I dismissed as related to childhood injury or weird growth spurt but by 2013 I began to experience hearing varied pitched voices of varied volumnes & painful earringings, 24/7 & had a stroke or aneurysm by 2015 while in the Watts Health Care Corporation Dental X-ray chair but no doctor confirmed it as such but only as a mere headache.& W/ the wrong date. I was finally able to sleep w/o recalling all or some of the cerebral inflicted harms( some as if brain or inner ear rapid spinning & involuntary manipulated movie like visuals in my sleep, unlike usual dreams or nightmares, these felt as if actual beings were directing, plotting via nano speakers inside my ears ) attempts by 2017(4YEARS later)! I also experienced bizarre huge & numerous bruises to tiny bruises unexpectedly around 2006 till present along with UNWELCOMED other bodily sensations of yanks,pulls,shoves,flutters, bone and/ or skin changes, instant to constant dizziness, por instant frightening forgetfulness. The voices can sound like family, friends, neighbors, passerby's or familiar celebrities in different textures, tones & pitched & durations of theater quality sounds or faint distant sounds as if next to me, within me at any body location or from the sky, trees, animals, wind or anything causing a sound. A few times the sounds have been exactly like those of a fax machine reached instead of the phone dial tone or the ringings we as kids had to identify at our yearly ear check ups test. The Omnipresence is Decietful & confusing causing such as a person could seem to have a firm toned up upper torso than within seconds not so or a letter or character will be blurred instantly especially while it matters most. Some people began to deviate from professional acts & behaviors in professional settings who seemed to show confusion after being taken over by this Omnipresence while trying to ward or shake it off or others are led by it. All people's should be warned, informed, advices, trained & assisted regarding such Nanotech terrors to minimize or prevent avoidable violence & sufferings immediately Worldwide & Universally. 3 of my daughter's were denied public housing w/ me even though our application(2011) was approved for the 6 of us(2014) & we were subjected to further hard to prove harassments by many some who may not be conscious & others who seem to be aware & rejoice in the innocent can be wrongfully accussed & guilty go free. I GVM was subjected to several illegal labor laws over the years. I GVM am not on drugs, alcohol,meds _ I have had some food & rest, I tried to share various grievances, documents, images & photos w/ no direct humane possible help. I am in pain & miss my grandson & daughters who are less than 10 miles from me & I knew before I had beautiful babies that we raise our children to lead their own lives bully free. May all go well for all of us & w/o malice's. GISELA VIOLETA MARTINEZ
2207 E.99th. Pl. Unit 109 Bldg 16, Los Angeles, CA. 90002
Jordan Downs Public Housing tenant=t0032079
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