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Posted on 19th March 2016

Message 03/19/2016 16:30:35

Name of officer: dispatch
Date and time: 3/19/2016
Location of interaction: 17325 s. denker ave B gardena CA 90247
Citizen Name: miyong cha
Description of incident: thank you gardena police for your help for helping to maintain quiet enjoyment of peaceful neighborhood
I live in 17321 S. Denker ave and resident of 17325 s. denker ave B gardena CA 90247 is making too much loud disturbing noises all day.
I have been to emergency this week and in severe back pain and I couldn't rest because of their loud wood cutting metal noise for 8 hours today.
Please talk to resident apt B (Korean old lady) of 17325 who did not listen to my complaint about the noise.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 3105286330