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Posted on 28th April 2018

Message 04/28/2018 16:40:17

Name of officer: Unknown
Date and time: 4/28/2018 16:05
Location of interaction: Starbucks 1759 W. Artesia Blvd., Gardena CA
Citizen Name: Veronique Nelms
Description of incident: I would like to notify the Department of a heartfelt act of service I witnessed moments ago by one of the Department’s officers. I do not know his name; however, the kind officer bought a meal for a homeless man who was in the area. The homless man was very appreciative. I was passing through your city and stopped at Starbucks before heading to LA in traffic. Your officer has left a lasting impression on me given his character. He surely has a positive disposition and must love his job. His representation of the Department did not go unnoticed. Many Blessings to him and the other officers who continually give selflessly. The kind acts of service are not always recognized by citizens but I felt it necessary to send this off. Thank you for all that you do.
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Phone: (909) 597-5280