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Posted on 29th April 2018

Message 04/28/2018 22:12:38

Name of officer: Unknown
Date and time: 4/28/18 12:15pm
Location of interaction: Manhattan beach Blvd at 157th st
Citizen Name: Kerry Callahan
Description of incident: I feel compelled to write and say how insanely bad the street closures were around this area. There were zero signs warning drivers of street closures. There were zero signs giving drivers a correct detour. All the side streets heading north were cordoned off and we had to go so far out of our way and the traffic backup was ridiculous. I still don’t even know why there were closures because there was also no information for what event was taking place. Extremely disconcerting to see the lack of planning and communication when living in this area.
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Phone: 4124272871