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Posted on 10th April 2018

Message 04/10/2018 11:01:06

Name of officer: don't have it
Date and time: 09APR18 AROUND 1100 HOURS
Location of interaction: WESTERN AVE & 158TH STREET
Citizen Name: ANNY
Description of incident: I'd like to complain about one of your male patrolling officer. My elderly aunt doesn't speak

very good English and didn't jot down the officer's patrol car #.

This incident occurred yesterday ( 09APR ) around 1100 hours at the corner of Western Ave

and 158th St ( close to Union Bank and motel area ). My aunt was waiting for the city bus and

two male transients were walking towards her. Since she didn't speak good English and was

afraid that these male transients were going to attack her, she grabbed her cell phone and started

to talk ignoring these thugs. Both of them asked for money and were trying to block my aunt

from walking away! She's all alone by herself and didn't know what to do, she walked the other

way and both of them profaned at her!

Then, she noticed one of the patrol car was driving past by, so she waved at him. The white

male officer totally didn't understand what my aunt was saying! Either he's pretending NOT to

understand or he just didn't understand what she was trying to tell him! A few minutes later, another

patrol car ( female Hispanic officer ) came by and my aunt spoke poor English to her. This female

officer UNDERSTOOD what my aunt was saying!

How can this male officer not understand what she was telling him? She was trying to tell him that

these two thugs were bothering and harassing her at the bus stop and they won't leave her alone!

They almost tried to block her from walking freely! And, this officer didn't even tried to serve and

protect the resident of Gardena? Is this the right kind of public servant's attitude? What happened to

"service to the people" motto?? And if he didn't really understand what my aunt was saying, then why

did the other female officer understood her??

Lt. Lee, I'm in the police process myself and I wasn't there to assist her yesterday morning! But, I know

all about the core values and what's expected of each and every police officer! This is very unprofessional

on his behalf and shame on him for not opening his full ears! Not all citizens can speak fluent English and

if that's the case, then he needs to listen extremely careful! If I was there yesterday, I would've of jot down

that officer's patrol car # and filed an immediate complaint to your office!

When my aunt told me about this yesterday afternoon, I was not very happy and I'd really need to bring

this to your attention!

Thank you very much!
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