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Posted on 28th April 2016

Message 04/28/2016 13:26:52

Name of officer: Officer Sanders ID Number 111250
Date and time: April 27 2016
Location of interaction: Gardena Police Department
Citizen Name: Latoya Shanell Thorne
Description of incident: I went into the Gardena police dept. station to report that I witnessed two suspects in the hustler casino in the city of gardena Friday night April Friday 22 approximately 8:00 pm who were posing as two heavily armed security guards who were typed wanted for burgulary and robbery in the city of Pasadena caught on survelice by the channel 4 news I told the officer that I seen 1 of the two on the news leaping around being accused and wanted by the Pasadena police department the other and both beside registered and convicted of of felonys, murders, specifically register sex offenders and being publicly denied to carry loaded assault and had guns out in public as they were officers sanders did nothing and made no repot like I asked him to he should pay with the.
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