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Posted on 07th May 2018

Message 05/07/2018 08:20:36

Name of officer: Officer Beerling
Date and time: Sunday 5/6/2018 2:30pm
Location of interaction: Gardena Police Department Lobby
Citizen Name: Shawn and Cherie Harper
Description of incident: I would like to give Officer Beerling a Commendation, on Sunday 5/6/2018, my family and I went to the Gardena Police Department seeking assistance from the police to prevent an aggressive situation from happening. My husband and I discussed with Officer Beerling that we were threated on Saturday 5/5/2018 by the grandfather of our grandson and we were worried about dropping our grandson off and having to face the grandfather again. Officer Beerling volunteered to meet us at the Marie Calendar's parking lot in Gardena to assist any aggressive situation from happening. Upon Officer Beerling's arrival to the Parking lot he spoke with the grandfather who admitted to verbally threatening us. Officer Beerling facilitated the drop off exchange without any incident happening. Officer Beerling also suggested to us that we change our pick up and drop off of our grand child at the Police station, we are contacting our Attorney's to have this done. My family and I would like to Thank Officer Beerling for taking the time with assisting us.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 562-202-0954