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Posted on 09th May 2018

Message 05/09/2018 11:04:53

Name of officer: The officer would not give me his name nor would allow me to look at him until he gave me DUI field test
Date and time: May 7th, 2018 hours 1:15am-2:00am
Location of interaction: Redondo Beach Blvd/Normandie
Citizen Name: Emmett
Description of incident: I was driving home on May 7th around the time coming from 24 hour fitness on NOrmandie Blvd and Rosecran. I was not speeding or swerving between the lines. I notice the officer in front of me started to slow down as I approached Normandie/Marine avenue. We waited til I passed him then he begin to follow me with his lights off. I am still driving about 25 mph. I make a left on Marine and continue to make a right on Raymond avenue. As I approach Raymond And Redondo Beach avenue. He flash his lights. So he approaches gun drawn and screen at me. At the this point I am having a panic attack. He goes down the usually questions, where am I come from, do sell or used drugs, am I drunk, where did I grow up at, what kind of hustle do I have etc, how many times I been to prison, what gang am I in. He notice that I am about 6'4 and over 200 pounds and African American so he spoken even more aggressive and cursing at me. So my responds are yes sir and no sir to all his questions. I realize if I raised my voice or showed any form of attitude, I would be shot especially with his gun so closed to me. So he ran my license and check my tag and everything. Everything came back clear. So after cursing at me for about 20 mins and asking me why am I so nervous and sweating. I wanted to say because I am a large African American man and you have a gun and seem to not like me for some reason. So after the berated ending and giving me a field sobriety test, he said, "he pulled me over because one of my head light was brighter then the other." Well sir I am interesting in becoming an officer for LAPD because I think there are a lot of good things I can bring to the community and help repair relationship with people of color and law enforcement. That my purpose for being here. I have a BA and MA degree, ex colligate athlete and never been arrested or detained. But the action of that one particular officer that night is exactly the reason why people of color run and fear/hate officers. I understand how demanding there jobs are and the stress level. There are a lot of great officer in the world, most are upstanding, and hold true to there value. I don't think the officer was a racist or anything. But theres an innate fear that comes about when some officer see certain people. Therefore, they have to compensate there aggression to cover the fear. That's the problem in American I think, we fear things that do not look like us or live by different norms. I wanted to help start change if I am ever able to get through a police academy. Even as I am writing this letter and I am very nervous because I am voicing a concern. So he ended that night by saying get the Fuck out of here and don't let me see you again.
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