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Posted on 10th June 2016

Message 06/10/2016 12:51:15

Name of officer: Zuleyma Sarmiento
Date and time: March 12, 2016
Location of interaction: 14816 Miller Avenue, Gardena
Citizen Name: Sharon Hanoa for Sumie Goode
Description of incident: My mother, Mrs. Sumie Goode (81 years young) was receiving constant daily harassing telephone calls at her home from a man making threats and very lewd and disgusting comments. My mom is a widow and was very, very frightened. She reported the incidents of phone harassment to the GPD and Officer Sarmiento made a visit to her home to listened to the many taped phone messages she had received. Officer Sarmiento called the person and identified herself and informed the person that his actions were a crime and needed to cease immediately. The calls continued for a few weeks but decreased and then finally did stop. Officer Sarmiento has even made a number of brief visits back to Sumie's home to follow-up and check in on her. Officer Zuleyma Sarmiento was very helpful, kind and professional and my mom and I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for her help and kindness. She is a great asset to the GPD and we are happy to have met her.
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Phone: 3105329598