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Posted on 14th June 2017

Message 06/14/2017 14:24:11

Name of officer: N/A
Date and time: 6/12/2017
Location of interaction: 15800 S. Western Ave, Gardena
Citizen Name: Juan Fernando Morales
Description of incident:
My ATM card was compromised and used at an ATM in the City of Gardena. I rarely use the card, but had used it that morning at a restaurant in Long Beach. Later that evening it came to my attention that the card numbers (the card is still in my possession) had been used to withdraw around $1000 between three different banks (1 in Gardena / 2 in L.A.).
-$403 from Union Bank -15800 S. Western Ave Gardena
-$403 from Union Bank - 5670 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles
-$180 from Cardtronics ATM -4051 Leimert Blvd Los Angeles
E-mail Address:
Phone: 5629001980