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Posted on 16th June 2017

Message 06/16/2017 09:19:02

Name of officer: slater
Date and time: june 14 2017
Location of interaction: arthur park
Citizen Name: willie ingram
Description of incident: i was at arthur park, parked on the side railing of the park not in a regular parking spot.officer slater comes up to my car,ask me why im parked like this,i told her politelyi will move.she says,no im giving you a ticket.i told her for what im moving.officer slater says, no again and demands my id.i told her im not parked illegal and you dont need an id to write a parking ticket.i said,here is my id, but your not getting it.officer slater snatches my id out my hand,walks back to her car,run my name for warrants ,which she wasnt suppose to do and wrote me a parking ticket.15 minutes later hands me my stuff and i lefted.
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Phone: 9099190848