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Posted on 20th June 2017

Message 06/20/2017 13:33:04

Name of officer: Officer Gonsalves
Date and time: 6/20/2017
Location of interaction: Orchard and 154th st
Citizen Name: Unkown
Description of incident: Illegal search of vehicle occupants I believe were racially profiled most importantly why was Gardena police out of District this is LAPD they in the first place should not have turned off Redondo Beach Boulevard onto Orchard when immediately pull over a car coming out of the alley on 154th and orchard the car had not done anything but pull out to park the officers also moved the vehicle there was a female office who got into the driver seat and turned the vehicle on and pull it from where the vehicle was parked as a property owner I am very disgusted and appalled by these officers I have had several incidents from fires to car theft and domestic violence and never has Gardena PD been willing to assist in any incident I am told I need to call LAPD who takes and hour or more to arrive when an issue can be handled by Gardena PD I have video of this and will forward it to you if I have to I will also show publicly cause this is not protecting or serving anyone other then the egos of these unprofessional Gardena Police Officers. There were a total of 2 cars 4 officers this is a violation of our rights.

Thank you!
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