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Posted on 23rd June 2016

Message 06/23/2016 03:34:00

Name of officer: Suspect of Smoking Illegal Drugs
Date and time: 6/23/2016
Location of interaction: 17321 S. Denker Ave Unit 1 Gardena CA 90247
Citizen Name: Tenants and neighbors in this multiunit apartment
Description of incident: The tenants (parents of minor children) both mother and father smokes heavily inside their unit. They smoke until past 2:00AM and this smoke does not smell like cigarette but rather may be illegal drugs. They keep burning incents to cover up the smell of their constant smoking and it causes vomiting, dizziness, dried eyes and severe headache. We strongly suggest gardena police inspect this property so that they are not life threatening smoking weird smell of burning smoke that might be illegal drugs and also, protect these poor children from life threatening hazardous smoking of these ruthless parent
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Phone: 310-528-6330