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Posted on 07th July 2021

Message 07/07/2021 02:56:45

Name of officer: Unknown
Date and time: 07/04/2021
Location of interaction: 15424 s wilton pl.
Citizen Name: Lynne Downhour
Description of incident: I would like to Express my appreciation for the excellent police work regarding illegal fireworks on my street. I am so grateful to the Gardena police for stopping the irresponsible neighbors on my street who fire of mortars. The way police handled the situation was exemplary. Extremely professional, polite the officer was there and absolutely took command of the event. The mortars last year caused auditory trauma. I had dreaded the thought of going through that again. Because of the Gardena Police department I didn't have to suffer this time. I am forever grateful to the Gardena Police department for protecting us.

A grateful resident,
Lynne Downhour
E-mail Address:
Phone: 3103241457