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Posted on 09th July 2020

Message 07/09/2020 10:17:36

Name of officer: Matthew Hassoldt
Date and time: 7-9-2020 @ 10AM
Location of interaction: On lIne
Citizen Name: Joe Citizen
Description of incident: This is a response received from said office to an issue posted online.
Matthew Hassoldt:
We responded and towed the vehicle. Thank you for your comment. Please call our non-emergency number at (310) 323-7911 when problems like this one are observed, and our staff will respond immediately. You can remain anonymous if you wish. Thank you

The problem is it was a lie!!! The car was NOT towed and remains parked illegally on the street. This is not the time to lie to the citizens. By doing so you only make the problem worse!!! This officer should be FIRED!!!
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Phone: 4245551125