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Posted on 19th July 2018

Message 07/19/2018 01:49:58

Name of officer: All of the officers that be on patrol
Date and time: 07/19/2018 1:00 am
Location of interaction: Vermont ave
Citizen Name: Anonymous
Description of incident: Every night I be on my way to work to make a better living situation for me and my child it never fails Gardena ca police officers always seem to follow me ride my tail with they truck, I be minding my business driving safely and they still get behind me and follow me I can be on one side of the road and they will do a whole u turn just to get behind me follow me all I want them to do is stop harassing me because a month ago I had two officers in one truck pull up on me as if I was doing something wrong which I wasn’t I don’t even get in trouble I don’t even have a bad record and the officer made me get out the car but by the time I had a chance to get up and move he yanked me out my car made me put my hands behind my back and put me in the police truck which set my asthma off because he didn’t have right to do the things he did but before he put me in his truck he pat me down and I ask him did he have a right to do that if I’m not doing anything wrong and he said shut the fuck up im doing my job then he searches my vehicle without a warrant and whatever he was looking for he damn sure didn’t find it in my car because like I said I do wrong and I didn’t give him permission to search my vehicle because by law he has to have a warrant! It makes no sense that I have to make sure my surroundings is safe because Gardena ca police department will harass you but I’m putting it out there I’m about to take a lawsuit out on the Gardena police department because instead of doing they job because I’m black they think I’m always doing something and I’m not the way they violently Harrass me since I have been here it has to stop they make it so uncomfortable to even live in Gardena so I’m suing for harassment and emotional distress they are mean I can’t even say what I have to say without them telling me to shut the fuck up and because they have on a law enforcement suit they think they can talk to any citizen any kind of way nope not over here you are not they have no respect what so ever!
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Phone: 3105684590