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Posted on 30th July 2021

Message 07/30/2021 19:53:02

Name of officer: Gardena police
Date and time: 7/29/21
Location of interaction: Lasalle Ave
Citizen Name: Arlene Harris
Description of incident: I live in Ohio and my son lives in California. I was informed by my son who is an ex marine and lives a decent life does not cause problems. He let me know of a neighbor who goes walking the neighborhood shining flashlight in peoples windows. And Thursday when my son was getting ready to go to bed this same person was outside shining a light through his window. Mike went outside to tell him to stop and the person mouthed him n when that wasn’t gonna stop and Mike started walking back to go in his house that person was going on and on at Mike and would not leave. Mike and him fought and Mike had him down and neighbor came out and Mike hollered for him to call police. Mike’s girlfriend came out and was upset and Mike tried to get her to go back in the house he was concerned about this person going after her. While Mike was doing so that person he was holding down pulled out a knife and cut his arm. Bad enough it was stitched on inside and 32 stitches on outside. And while there he heard that person who cut him out in the hall yelling at the staff and security was called. My question to you is why was this person not accompanied by the police. A person who had a weapon and cut another person. I use to be a correction officer and I know this is not right. And it’s my understanding in a report the officer put it was a mutual fight. Are you kidding me! My son works and has served his country and to be treated like this. I don’t think so! My son told officers he wanted to file charges against him. My son was was off work recovering from shoulder surgery and had to deal with this. I expect you are gonna take care of the nut going around harassing and cutting people. There are neighbors who are suppose to give statements on him harassing them. You are suppose to protect the innocent. You don’t know my son I do. So don’t voice opinion as a mutual thing in you’re report. We all have every right to protect ourselves just like you. No one knows what this nut is capable of and I have to worry because you are not doing you’re job and getting him off the streets. Nothing better happen to my son while that nut is running free.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 513-260-6208