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Posted on 16th July 2016

Message 07/15/2016 22:30:55

Name of officer: NA
Date and time: NA
Location of interaction: Bus stop
Citizen Name: NA
Description of incident: I am absolutely disgusted in the actions your officers took against a man with his service dog one of your officers at the scen where he was contacted told him to sit and the men asked am I being detained at which at that point the man had every right to leave because he was told he wasn't being detained the minute he gets up to walk away since he was told he wasn't detained he was tackeled to the grown and put in a 5150 I am so disgusted that your officers are cowards and you will have to take proper discipline action but then again I don't expect much because the chief of police and all his thugs like to cover everything up or say that the officer was in fear for his life like all thugs know how to say and just with saying that they let them go free and will do the same to other people beause they are power hungry and trigger happy shame on the police department
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Phone: 707