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Posted on 23rd July 2016

Message 07/22/2016 23:08:11

Name of officer: Dont recall . requested report and paid 27.00 dollars
Date and time: 7/31/2013 not 3/ 20 2013 per case summary
Location of interaction: 153rd and Western
Citizen Name: Allan Paul Sachs
Description of incident: We were pulled overfor an abruptillegal left hand turn from the #1 laneat marine and western. Which was wrong. This was given to me from Greg Hill my supposed atty. To refute. It happened on 153rd and Western.i wasnt told that the case was dismissed on 2/7/2014. I was wrongfully led to believethat i pay for prop. 36 and complete the course before 7/15/2014. That when Greg hill was to bring certificate of completion to court . not on case summary. All false dates. I just found out when i pulled the info on 7/7/2016
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