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Posted on 29th July 2016

Message 07/29/2016 15:06:42

Name of officer: Agency
Date and time: 7/29/2016. 2:40 p.m.
Location of interaction: 153rd and Western
Citizen Name: Allan Sachs
Description of incident: You pulled us over . The report I saw and refuted was incorrect. You stated it happened at Marine and Western and we made an abrupt illegal left hand turn from the #1 lane. I it was the right intersection you are still wrong. The #1 lane is the correct lane. But you were wrong it was a normal left turn from a single lane road. I have a pretty good idea that you worked with" EX"City Deputy Attorney James McDougall and nothing short of being an accomplish wrongfully , fraudulently in McDougall fraudulent CNAP Drug Abatement. As well as me being more or less wrongfully convicted” in a completion of Prop 36.The case was dismissed. Can you tell me why? Why I received my copy of a police report. You say you sent it. Why did I not receive it. And why would I pay for another. Here is my Safe at Home mailing address . Secretary of State
Safe at Home
C/o Allan Sachs #3775
P.O. Box 1679
Sacramento, CA.95812
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