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Posted on 03rd August 2016

Message 08/02/2016 19:47:25

Name of officer: Nash
Date and time: Aug 2 5:45 pm
Location of interaction: Big lots parking lot
Citizen Name: Aren Fanning
Description of incident: I was proiled by officer nash and his partner and treated very derogitorily for "frequenting this area" i asked what the issue was and they would not tell me. Nash demanded i put hands on car and proceeded to search me. I asked what issue was again and was asked if i was on probation, i acknowledged i was but asked the issue. Nash stated they hace a right to stop and search me anytime aand that hes had interaction with me before. Records will show thats false. I frequwnt the area as i have a commerccial space on chrenshaw blvd. He was beyond rude and tgen claimed to have stopped me for riding my bike on sidewalk. I did not and do not. I do wait on sidewalk for signal changes as rosecrans and chrenshaw are dangerous. I was not allowed to stay in street lane due to drivers not respecting road rules and was forced to go on curb on se corner as i crossed. I proceeded unstantly into the parkinglot. My issue is i had recently spoke with an officer jones who was both professuonal and curtious. I had specifically asked him what i can do as the bike path between rosecrans and elsegundo is not safe and full of canps and crackgeads. He agreed and also agreed it was best at intersectuons to just stay on side walk.

Im autistic and have never had any drug issues and just because im white and different looking os no reason to profile or harass me. They were seriously disapointed not finding anything illegal on me, nore will they ever as i dont even drink.

Its unfortunate that officers like nash ruin the positie image and community policing that others in your department constructivly provide.

Nashes partner tried to defuse the situatiin as ge realized it was innapropriate contact amd disrespectfull behavior... nash wanted continue act loke the tough guy...
I am not the pne who bullied him in highschool, but his behavior makes it clear there was good reason to.

My last experiance was an older amd professional officer a mr jones, what i whitnessed him do and his professionalizm is what your department and all do in these hard times... he was curtious kind amd professional and i hope your department is able to properly train officers like mr young tugh guy to interact with citezens in a dignified manner.

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