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Posted on 04th August 2017

Message 08/04/2017 01:29:46

Name of officer: Unkown dispatcher
Date and time: 11:59 pm 8/3/17
Location of interaction: Dispatch operator
Citizen Name: Ali
Description of incident: I called to report a burglary and the dispatch office was quite rude I'm calling in a burglary and while answerin her loads of questions simply tried to ask if there was already an office out she kept speaking over me when I told her I didn't mind answering her questions but due to the fact that there was a burglary in progress I just wanted to know if there was an officer out at that very second or being called out she persisted to raise her voice and started shouting over me I felt very disrespected being that I am a citizen trying to report a crime is this how you guys treat people I mean do you really want people to call in and report it anything it was unacceptable the way the young lady spoke with me and I do not appreciate it whatsoever I think there needs to be a better training done with these dispatchers especially if people are calling in and are terrified or have certain emotions I don't believe that this operator knows how to deal with these calls and sadly I wasn't provided with a name at the beginning of the call this is ridiculous
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Phone: 3103470167