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Posted on 26th August 2017

Message 08/26/2017 00:33:11

Name of officer: Female officer name wasn't given
Date and time: August 25, 2017 at 3:34pm
Location of interaction: Gardena High School
Citizen Name: Nakesha McGuire
Description of incident: I pulled up to the curb of the pick up drop off zone but the cones were still up even though it was after 3:30pm. I couldn't immediately pull away from the curve due to on coming traffic. In literally less than 30 seconds the police car which was parked behind, in the red zone turned on their sirens. I assumed they were leaving for an emergency so I pulled forward to up to give them room. Instead both officers got out of the car and approached my vehicle. The female officer immediately start yelling at me stating, "I'm parked in the red blocking a fire hydrant with my tail end in the street." My tail end was not in the street. I tried to explain to her I intended to enter the pick up zone but the cones were up and I was waiting for traffic to clear to reenter the traffic lane. Instead of listening she kept on berating and said no I wasn't. In all due fairness I told her how could you say thst when I was only her for a few seconds before you approached me. She said I could park across the street or on campus which was around the corner in an area that is not open for vehicle parking. I asked was my child suppose to jay walk across the street to get to me? The point is her rebuttals to me we very unprofessional and condescending. If she felt I was so wrong then she should of gave me a ticket, not scream and yell at me as if I'm a child. That was the professional thing to do. It would be nice if the officer would of used logic and not assumed I was intentionally breaking the law. I understand their job is stressful well so is mine and being a parent trying to pick up your child at a busy school can add to it when there are tens of others parents there. However, my stress level doesn't give me an excuse to scream and be rude to anyone. We all are human beings first and should be treated as such. A badge doesn't give a person a pass. They are to protect and serve and it is a job and they always should remain professional. Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns.
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