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Posted on 21st September 2020

Message 09/21/2020 15:05:31

Name of officer: Desk Officer Recommended
Date and time: 09/21/20
Location of interaction: Telephone
Citizen Name: Brenda Pratt
Description of incident: I phone last week requested assistance in reporting someone trying to obtain my social security number. There has been several request. And, an attempt was
make when I was obtaining information on my Bank of America Acct. They ask for my social security number I did not give it to them. However, there is some form
of either a nuisance or this is in fact some one illegal on the phone regarding my social security number. Sometimes they call once or twice a day.

I also bring to your attention I believe that someone has illegally entered my home. I HAVE REPORTED THIS IN THE PAST.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 3107156064