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Posted on 12th October 2018

Message 10/12/2018 12:33:36

Name of officer: Bazan
Date and time: 10/12/18 9:40am 12:23pm
Location of interaction: 157th Ainsworth
Citizen Name: Daniel
Description of incident: This officer has been sitting on this corner at 9:40 I am on my way to the dentist she was sitting on the corner of Ainsworth and 157 on Ainsworth which is LAPD come home leave come home again at 12:23 p.m. this officer is now sitting on the opposite corner watching traffic to Vermont Avenue you guys are paying offices to sit there and harass people in a district that she should not even be in it's funny how this officer has been patrolling this neighborhood throughout the week but when the citizens call nine-one-one we get transferred to Los Angeles Police Department and have to wait hours for a response from the police but yet you guys are able to come over here and harass people something does not seem fair and legitimate about that but I'm going to take the necessary actions in order to contact the correct person so that this issue can be resolved
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Phone: 3103470167