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Posted on 03rd October 2016

Message 10/03/2016 10:01:57

Name of officer: unsure
Date and time: 10-1-16, approximately 11:15am / 11:40am
Location of interaction: unsure
Citizen Name: Maxine Tatum
Description of incident: On this day my friend was carpooling home from work with 2 other guys. They were pulled over and the officer advised the driver he was stopped because he changed lanes without signaling. By this time 5 additional police cars had arrived and the car was searched, I guess this is routine procedure for a traffic stop. When the police ran their names and saw that my friend is on parole ( he is in great standing with his parole officer) the officers began to ask a series of intrusive questions that had nothing to do with the traffic stop. "What did you do, tell me about your case, what was it like in prison?"; I guess this is routine procedure even though my friend was just a passenger. Once the police were done the sergeant informs my friend "You guys can go but hey when we see 3 black guys in a car that could be dangerous." This is the very attitude that makes it impossible for the Black community to embrace law enforcement. It is quite obvious that this police department is like all the rest we see nationwide; Black males are always suspect or dangerous.
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