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Posted on 23rd October 2017

Message 10/23/2017 16:00:26

Name of officer: ?
Date and time: Monday, 10/23/17 @ 12:13pm
Location of interaction: 15341 Ardath Ave 90249
Citizen Name: Dawn Miralle
Description of incident: First and foremost, thank you to the Gardena PD for the work that you do every day to take care of our neighborhood and ensure the safety of the community. We have had nothing but positive interaction with your officers in the 10 years we have lived in the city, and could not be more pleased with how you have done your jobs in our neighborhood. Everyone has been cordial, responsive, supportive and effective in every/any situation. This afternoon we had a minor and a somewhat unpleasant incident. I don't know the name of the officer(s), nor am I trying to file a compliant, but as I find myself redirected to your site, I will relay the story if it perhaps does any good for two separate reasons. Two family members from out of town stopped by to pick up my mother in law for lunch today. Their cars were parked in front of my house for a few minutes, but there is no sign posted within sight notifying them that street parking starts at noon - it appears that the parking is completely unrestricted if you don't live here. When we first moved here this also happened to me, I took pictures and sent them in with my ticket, but nothing happened. Today, I was working and did not realize they were parked in front. I tried to explain to the officer/cadet when he pulled up in front of our house that they had no idea it was restricted parking, there is no signage, etc, in the hopes that he would not ticket them, but to no avail. I'm not contacting you to complain about the ticket, although I would like to know who to go to in order to try and fight it on their behalves. What bothered me was the officer's inability to communicate effectively. As a law enforcement officer, that is necessary in any situation. An appropriate response could simply have been, "I understand your frustration, but these cars are parked illegally and I have to write the citation." This would have been perfectly sufficient as I can respect that response - it brooks no argument, is logical, respectful, and understandable. He's doing his job and has already written the ticket, which he stated. But stating that you've already written the citation and ignoring my little aunt who is apologizing to HIM for parking there, etc, is unacceptable. A more seasoned officer or mature individual unafraid of confrontation and equipped to de-escalate even the smallest of incidents (which there wasn't much to de-escalate from myself or the 75 year old lady apologizing to him) would have gone further by acknowledging the reality of poor signage - which any person with common sense would have been able to acknowledge- not afraid or threatened by the interaction. And then even perhaps to suggest a simple solution like whom to contact to get a sign put up. I asked him this question, but he and the other officer drove off, apparently not hearing me. This makes me wary of their ability to handle higher stress situations. In any case, I've been online looking for the appropriate authority to contact re: the signage, but find myself redirected to the police department, so I've decided to share this story in its entirety. If anyone is able to contact me with information regarding the appropriate person/department to contact for requesting a sign be put up, I would greatly appreciate the assistance. Thanks so much for your taking the time to read this.
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Phone: 310-800-3416