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Posted on 27th October 2017

Message 10/26/2017 20:38:18

Name of officer: Luis Villanueva
Date and time: 9/27/17 at around 2pm
Location of interaction: On La Salle in front of Denker Ave.Elementary school
Citizen Name: Gabino Hernandez
Description of incident: Officer villanueva made inappropriate accusations and threats to Mr. Hernandez. Officer Villanueva approached Mr. Hernandez in his car and questioned why he was in his car and proceeded to state that he had received complaints for a year that Mr. Hernandez was harassing women. Mr. Hernandez informed Officer Villanueva that he was in the car with his 6 month old grandson, waiting for his wife to pick up their granddaughter that attends Denker Elementary. Mr. Hernandez informed Officer Villanueva that the allegations about him, could not be true because he lives in the city of inglewood and had only been coming to denker elementary for two weeks to pick up his granddaughter. Mr. Hernandez's granddaughter started TK at denker elemenatry in august 2017. Officer Villanueva asked for Mr. Hernandez's driver license and called it in and then returned him his driver license. Officer Villanueva then told Mr. Hernandez that he could not get out of his car and that he doesn't want to see him there again or he will "arrest" him. That day my husband Ivan Hernandez went with Gabino Hernandez to the gardena police dept. To speak to officer villanueva's supervisor. They were told Sergeant Sargent had left for the day and to return tomorrow. They returned the next day on 9/28/17 and spoke to Sergeant Sargent, whom listened to the audio of when officer Villanueva called in. Sergeant Sargent said that he needed to speak to Officer Villanueva to obtain more information and would call Ivan hernandez tomorrow (9/29/17). Sergeant Sargent did not call back, and Ivan Hernandez emailed him two times regarding this incident and he did not respond to the emails. Ivan Hernandez also went to the gardena police dept again on 10/19/17. He was informed that day that Sergeant Sargent was not in and to email a complaint online. We could like a response regarding this incident. Mr. Hernandez is a senior citizen with health issues and this incident caused him to become sick. Further his wife also has medical issues and is now afraid that when they pick up their granddaughter, if Mr. Hernandez staying in the car he will be harrassed again or even arrested for no reason. Lastly, if there had been complaints for a year we would like to know if Mr. Hernandez fit the description of the perpetrator why was he not arrested that day, but instead Officer Villanueva threatened him.
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