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Posted on 29th October 2017

Message 10/29/2017 07:57:52

Name of officer: Perez
Date and time: 10-27-17
Location of interaction: 16431 S. Saint Andrew's place unit c
Citizen Name: Victor Nishimoto
Description of incident: Officer Perez came to my home and was showed the damages done to my car by my neighbor Andrea Patel.
The officer told me to move the boxes to the center of the garage and park my car further to the left so that the neighbor could No longer hit my car. With 3 damages sustained to my vehicle and that the neighbor notified me of the damages inflicted. I believe hit n run has occurred on 3 occasions. I believe the officer should have done his duty and arrested Andrea Patel for hit n run. My neighbor never notified every time she hit me and should be considered a crime. I don't know if the officer did not do his job because I am disabled or Japanese but I wish he will do the right thing and follow the law even though I am permanently disabled or Japanese.
Thank you for your consideration,
Victor Nishimoto
E-mail Address:
Phone: 3104299302