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Posted on 20th November 2020

Message 11/20/2020 01:01:23

Name of officer: Villanueva and two without a name tag
Date and time: 11/19 or 11/20 incident is recorded on YOUTUBE for ease of viewing
Location of interaction: Coastal Cabinets Gardena CA
Citizen Name: Jaime Sefton
Description of incident: Witnessed on YOUTUBE three Gardena officers unlawfully detain and/or arrest a public photographer. They demanded ID even though CA is not a stop and ID state. One officer had no name tag. They refused to call their supervisor which, I believe, violates department policy. They violated the photographer's United States Constitutional rights, his California Constitutional rights and they also violated the Bane Act. It also appears that the officers broke a camera. When I tried to call your department to find a phone number for IA the desk officer hung up on me and then refused to answer the phone. I do not know his name but would like to file a complaint against him, also. I have left several messages for you chief. I doubt that he will get back to me. I am going to file a federal complaint, a state complaint and a complaint concerning the violation of the Bane Act. I would still like the phone number for internal affairs so that I may fill a more formal complaint against all of the officers involved including the chief since he is ultimately responsible for all of the actions that I witnessed. I seriously doubt that you will do anything as police always protect each other (Blue Isis) but I will continue as long as I am alive to try to bring justice to your notably corrupt department.
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Phone: 2697670980