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Posted on 28th November 2018

Message 11/27/2018 17:27:43

Name of officer: Officer Peterson
Date and time: 11-12-2018
Location of interaction: 157th street atkinson
Citizen Name: Danielle Delia
Description of incident: I was arrested on 11-12-2018 by officer Peterson. During my arrest he had searched my purse/wallet and pulled out my ID, but did not return it to my wallet. My car was towed and I was taken to Gardena Police Station. When I was processed into Gardena Police Station my wallet and cellphone stayed as "personals" and my purse went into "properties". I was released 3 days later and when given my wallet, officer Marcellus informed me that there was no ID scanned for me when I came in. A week later when I finally got an appointment with "properties" to get my purse, my ID was still missing. The girl behind the deak informed me that she would contact the officer to search his car. After an hour of waiting Officer Peterson came into the lobby and handed me my ID. I am extremely greatful he found it and returned it. But my car was unable to be released from Hisham Tow because I did not have my ID and now I am financially unable to cover the costs to get it out. I'm hoping the Gardena police department can help get my car out because of their misplacement of my ID which made me unable to make arrangments to retrieve my car.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 714-653-4153