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Posted on 10th December 2018

Message 12/10/2018 13:56:29

Name of officer: Detective Karen
Date and time: 12/10/18 Around 1pm
Location of interaction: St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School
Citizen Name: Dominic Rodriguez (minor)
Description of incident: I was just notified by my son's school principal that my 8 year old son was questioned about an incident he was involved in at school. Since when are minors allowed to get questioned without a parent consent or an adult present? I can see why they wouldn't want me present since they are trying to find out what is going on at home. Regardless I should have been notified before the fact and not after. The Principal is clueless and wasn't able to give me the full name of the detective. My name is Paulina Santana mother of Dominic Rodriguez.
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Phone: 2132155977