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Posted on 01st December 2016

Message 12/01/2016 13:26:00

Name of officer: Stephany Santin (Supervisor Code Enforcement Dept)
Date and time: December 1,2016
Location of interaction: 15921 south Brighton Avenue. Gardena,CA 90247
Citizen Name: Neighobhood Watch E3-2 R,Pelaez
Description of incident: For 7 months a nonresident vehicle (Black Ford Commerical Truck & Trailer ) ,Has been storing a very large oven mounted onto his truck ,and is violating safety and health codes. In the evenings ,a long electrical core is placed across the front lawn and across a residental public sidewalk to power his commercial oven unit. The owner has been operating this oven heating food and leaves the oven until his food is ready . Mean while the oven is on and operating on a public street making it unsafe. According to California law permits only 20 days to complete the process of registering a vehicle without paying a penalty. Out of state plates (LIVONIA-MICHICAN )Plate-# (G67-22H)Black Ford F-150. Its been almost 7 months without California vehicle registration and cerf of air-pollution law permit. Parked at 15921 south Brighton Ave. This is also where the owner lives. Operation of oven is during the early evenings between 6:30-8pm .
E-mail Address:
Phone: 310-704-0789