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Posted on 08th December 2016

Message 12/07/2016 17:53:55

Name of officer: Ryan Yee
Date and time: 12-6-16 and 12-7-16
Location of interaction: Via telephone
Citizen Name: Jennifer Kawaguchi
Description of incident: My Aunt who has beginning stages of dimentia and type 2 diabetes left her home at 11:00 in the morning on 12-6-16. As a Gardena resident, the family filed a report with youri department. The usual protocol is to sit and wait but I took a chance and was able to get in touch with Officer Ryan Yee. Officer Yee went out of his way to listen, and take steps to provide my family with some sort of information to hold onto. He was proactive by pinging my Aunt's cell phone, notifying the Monterey Park Police, and keeping me updated on their progress. In times like these, it is easy to consumed by feeling of fear, worry, and helplessness. Having an Officer go out if his way to do a job he was not necessarily assigned to do, is very comforting. The family of Jean Tanibata and I are extremely grateful for the patience and attentiveness that Officer Ryan Yee and the Gardena PD provided during this stressful time.
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Phone: 310-408-4157