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Posted on 20th March 2023

Message 03/20/2023 16:42:58

Please explain as clearly as possible your concerns: I can't leave my house without fear of being assaulted and robbed. My wife and son are in constant fear of the growing violence. All day and night these young gangsters talk about shooting guns, selling drugs and getting away with crime. I was attacked and robbed walking to my car one day, they stole my cellphone and tried to get my keys. I was left with a concussion and bloody abrasions yet everyday I see or hear my attackers walking free. The police that took the report didn't seem to care even though I knew where the criminals lived they never even knocked their door. One of the officers made it seem like it was my fault for being outside telling me I need to stay inside and not come out. Not only do I fear the thugs on my street but I fear police retaliation since I'm treated as if it's my fault. I don't think an arrest was ever made and I'm doubtful that it will. As I'm writing this there is a group of thugs including my attackers out front of my house being loud fighting among themselves. They are saying things like "I would have shot that nword", "we need to catch that fool slipping" The anxiety is causing high blood pressure and I had to quit my job do to fear of being attacked again. I am looking to move my family out of Gardena as soon as possible because this is no way to live. This community is spinning out of control fast, I pray things get better.
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