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Posted on 23rd September 2018

Message 09/22/2018 22:28:52

Please explain as clearly as possible your concerns: My neighbor to the north at 16019 Gramercy Place has been doing some rather suspicious actions lately, and I don't know what to make of it. Before his mother died, Newton was constantly cussing loudly, but now even though he's quiet more people that I've never seen since I moved here about 6 years ago have been coming and going, almost as if there's some kind of exchange going on; there's even a giant RV that moved into their driveway about 2 weeks ago with even more people. These people are often cussing or fighting amongst each other, but last night I overheard what sounded like a man moaning in pain for about 15 minutes. A waste van came by last week to collect sewage from the RV, and it reeked so badly it was hard for me and my family to breathe.

I hope someone investigates or is already investigating this matter, as my other neighbors I've talked with have also shown concern. I love my neighborhood, but with everything going on at my neighbor's house lately I no longer feel comfortable here. I'm willing to answer more questions, but I wish to remain anonymous.
Full name: Mitchell Petredis
Email address:
Street address: 1940 W. 161st St. Gardena, CA 90247
Phone Number: 3102455904