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Posted on 19th November 2019

Message 11/19/2019 14:43:03

Please explain as clearly as possible your concerns: In 2016 I was seeing a therapist who had an office at the Family Education Center at 1233 W. Gardena, blvd. Gardena, CA 90247. The office was the first office upstairs, but I do not recall the number. The name of this "therapist" is Marco Pech. This guy turned out to be a phony. I hadn't reported him to the police because the entire thing has caused me a lot of anguish. Recently I started therapy again and finally got the courage to report him. He always took cash, but I did pay with a check once and I have a copy of that transaction which I acquired from my bank. His phone number is-was 310-686-0569. I have tried calling it, but it always rings all the way through and goes to VM. I do not know where he is now, but I know he had several patients and claimed to be a licensed therapist, with several accreditations hanging on his walls.

This man is a sexual predator who tried to pray on me, the girl who recommended me, and that girl's teenage cousin (that we know of). I am reporting this to you guys because his office was in Gardena, but I'm not sure what the proper protocol is. I would like someone to follow up with me, as I am interested in pressing charges for fraud.
Full name: Jeannette Valenzuela
Email address:
Street address: 4100 McFarlane Ave, Apt 1
Phone Number: 3232177460