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Posted on 30th January 2019

Message 01/29/2019 19:09:15

Name of Youth: Isabel Nunez
School/Grade Level: 10th
Name of Youth: Isabel Nunez
Sex: Female
Parent/Guardian Name: Georgina avina
Contact Phone Number: 310-292-5497
Home Address: 15931 S Orchard Ave
Person Referring Youth: mother
Why are you referring this person to our program: 2017 my child started school at Gardena High School, she was doing well but gradually started slacking off I was getting calls that she wasn’t even trying, a very nice girl but no effort in class, this is her 2nd year and her grades are horrible, I believed her about tutoring, joining tennis getting good grades, but she has lied so much it’s hard to believe her, she has no motivation no ambition to be a better student, she’s worried about her friends, when I confront her about school? Her answer is she’s trying or why does it matter, shes just there I believe she is depressed , I talk to her and it’s like I annoy her, I called the school and they believe she has been ditching. I ask her anything and I’m the mad woman the crazy over dramatic mom I would like for her to be successful in school in her future to be a responsible respectful young lady if you have any programs please forward me information