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Posted on 10th March 2017

Message 03/09/2017 16:11:24

Name of Youth: Trevor True
School/Grade Level: 10th
Name of Youth: Samantha True
Sex: Male
Parent/Guardian Name: Samantha True
Contact Phone Number: 3232865887
Home Address: 2015 W 157 Th St
Person Referring Youth: Mother
Why are you referring this person to our program: I feel like Trevor may be headed down a not-so-good path I think the company that he keeps at times are not the best choices although I've never met the young man but I think that that may have something to do with his behavior however at home he's pretty good but he just likes to play the video game and he's suffering tremendously with his grades D's and F's I try to stay on top of talking to the teachers but apparently that's just not enough he may have some suppressed feelings or emotions with respect to his dad because his dad doesn't spend any time with him so I feel that he needs a greater power and Mentor source to come and get him on the right path get him the thinking straight and getting him to see the big picture