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Posted on 28th June 2018

Message 06/27/2018 21:32:59

Name of Youth: Lorenzo Nakamaro
School/Grade Level: 7
Name of Youth: Lorenzo Nakamaro
Sex: Male
Parent/Guardian Name: Akane Nakamaro
Contact Phone Number: 5622198847
Home Address: 16809 S Dalton Ave #2 Gardena CA 90247
Person Referring Youth: Ofc Vargas, E ID#110726
Why are you referring this person to our program: Lorenzo lives with mother Akane who is a single mother. Mother reports Lorenzo has been acting up lately and she has been unable to control him lately. On 06/27/18 Lorenzo ran out of the house at night and refused to come home after an argument. Lorenzo is incorrigible and mother is in desperate need of help with her son during these vital teenage years. Per mother, Lorenzo refuses to interact and bond with his biological father who does not reside at home and is a habitual drug addict and has been known to be violent in the past (not towards mother or Lorenzo). Lorenzo may need some counseling and a role model, and mother is open to family counseling as well.