Press Releases

Posted on 22nd October 2020

Message 10/22/2020 13:40:10

Name of Youth: Sierra Yates
School/Grade Level: Westside Global 7th grade
Name of Youth: Sierra Yates
Sex: Female
Parent/Guardian Name: Veronica Smith
Contact Phone Number: 3104821142
Home Address: 765 Laconia Blvd
Person Referring Youth: Veronica smith
Why are you referring this person to our program: Because she is what I consider to be out of control. She is disrespectful, very rude, disruptive, talks back and DOES NOT LISTEN! She had tried to fist fight with me her mother, she fist fights with her siblings older and younger than her. She has no common ground or respect for herself or people let alone with her surroundings. She is not caring to go to school daily only when she feels like it because AS SHE SAID school is a choice not a priority . I have tried my best and have gone above and beyond d for her but I will no longer deal with this. As a single mother I do what I need to do to provide for my kids and for Sierra to walk around my house telling me off or telling me if I have a problem to deal with it. I have attempted to sign her up for whatever program similar to scared straight but I believe due to the pandemic those are not available. She does not so drugs and has left her fathers house once with out permission but other than that it is her demeanor and attitude and the disrespect that makes her out of control.

If this is not the correct program if please at all possible you can refer me to another or possibly provide a list of other programs available to parents with this children who act out as this.

Thank you for your time and effort