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Posted on 26th June 2020

Message 06/26/2020 08:39:44

Full Name: Anthony Avila
Organization (if applicable): California Justice Leaders
Email address:
Phone Number: 310 404 6746
Address: 1331 Termino Ave Long Beach, CA
Possible Days/Hours of Commitment: Few days out of the week
In what capacity would you like to volunteer: Hello my name Anthony Avila I'm a California Justice Leaders Ameri Corp member. We are a group of men and women how have been impacted by the Juvenile Justice and criminal justice system. Looking to help youth who have been with the Department of Juvenile Justice apply for Honorable Discharge (HD). HD is a state initiative providing youth with a certificate of rehabilitation and successful transitioning to adulthood. In addition,we provide re entry resources to all juvenile Justice impacted youth along with navigation and coaching.