The law enforcement badge is a symbol of trust, honesty, integrity, ethical behavior, and courage. It is this symbol that we, as an organization, stand behind. Each member of our organization, sworn and civilian, proudly wear the badge, in recognition of what it represents, and in recognition of those members of the law enforcement profession that have given their lives to serve the community.


In August of 1999, the Gardena Police Department began discussing the possibility of developing a special “millennium” badge, which would be worn by its members, beginning on New Year’s Eve and throughout the 2000 calendar year. These badges would then become keepsakes for those that reported for duty during the millennium year, and the Department would return to its original badge. This was a department-wide participative project, and design ideas and input were obtained from a variety of individuals throughout the organization. The Department’s management and supervisory team then selected a few designs from those that were submitted, and then the final selection was made by the organization, as a whole. The selected “millennium” badge was so well received by the organization, and the community, that it became clear that the organization, as a whole, had a desire to adopt this badge (minus the “The Third Millennium” banner and year “2000”) as its official Department symbol, replacing the below pictured “eagle-top” badge.