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Posted on 19th January 2021

Message 01/19/2021 04:33:06

Name of officer: In police report
Date and time: 01/08/2021
Location of interaction: Gardena
Citizen Name: Adam Bianoni
Description of incident: Dear Mike Saffell Chief of Gardena Police Department,
Dear Internal Affairs, Inspector General, Board of Commissioners and Directors,
Previously, I filed several complaints in your jurisdictions for being entrapped, framed, blackmailed, terrorized, tortured, and assaulted by corrupted government officials CF No. 20-003660.
Recently, around 3 pm on Friday [Christmas Day] December 25th, 2020, several decoyed federal agents from the secret service and us marshals pirated my path (weekly ritual march) to entrap me in a criminal offense to justify terrorizing and torturing me, the corrupted secret agent who pretended to be sleeping in his car was paranoid from my private phone conversation, so he viciously storm out of his vehicle to physically attack me and endangered my life by chasing me on foot in oncoming traffic on South Fairfax Ave towards West Pico Blvd while threatening to shoot me (gangster-style) to silence me and rob me of my first amendment and my constitutional rights. INC # 201225002268.
Next Friday [New Year's Day] January 1st, 2021 at the same location around the same time, various decoyed federal agents alleging to conduct a secret operation at a residential building but strangely gathered waiting for me outside tapping into my path (weekly ritual march) to entrap me, terrorize me, and rob me of my first amendment and my constitutional rights. INC # 210101002620.
I called the police but when they arrive the corrupted secret agent prevented me from speaking and abrasively lied and framed me by accusing me of spitting on his vehicle, which terrified me knowing he's willing to lie, deceive, and set me up in order to conquer me.

Last Friday, January 8th, 2021 around the same time at S. McCadden Pl / W. 4th St., a government terrorist pirated my path (weekly ritual march) to silence my private phone conversation by striking me with a metal pipe on my head and right eye (ISIS-style) causing me a concussion and loss of consciousness. Inc # 210108002251 / Report # 210704254.
As always the police deliberately delayed responding to allow government terrorists to escape, then pretended to investigate without making any progress.
Please fulfill your oath by protecting innocent citizens in your jurisdiction from being entrapped, framed, blackmailed, terrorized, and tortured by corrupt officials who violate our constitution, break our laws, and exploit their authority to reshape our ethics and change our beliefs.
Thank you,
Adam Bianoni
644 N. Fuller Ave Suite 111
Los Angeles, CA 90036
E-mail Address:
Phone: 3238777772