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Posted on 02nd February 2020

Message 02/01/2020 22:09:39

Name of officer: Officer initially not involved until afterwards
Date and time: 11 January-18 January 2020
Location of interaction: Online and texting only
Citizen Name: Angela Eusery of Grand Prairie, TX
Description of incident: On 11 January 2020 I received a call from someone from "Norton Antivirus" telling me the money I paid in December of $200 was going to be reimbursed (plus $100 for my time) because my account does not expire until June or July of 2020. He transferred me to a guy who would begin the refund, but this is where it all began. He remotely took over my computer. He asked me to type in angelaeusery..$300. Instead on the screen $3,000 was typed. He blamed it on my laptop. I was instructed to go to Walmart and buy as many gift cards as possible that equaled to $3,000. After purchasing the cards I was instructed to read the numbers off the back to him. He told me the first 6 gift cards did not work and I had to go get more. Each time he would let me check my account to prove that amount was in my account. Eventually this all totaled $6,000. I was then asked to sit back in front of my laptop to continue the process of me receiving $200 (the $100 extra was to be out of the Walmart gift cards). This time when I typed in angelaeusery..$200 the numbers $20,000 appeared on my screen. Again he blamed it on my laptop, but little did I know it did not matter what I typed he was going to add the zeros on his end to make it look as though it was my mistake.
He had me open my bank accounts to see the $20,000 was accidently placed in my savings account. I did not realize he was typing in that amount on his end to make it look as though it was his money. I was instructed to go to the teller and withdraw $20,000 and send that CASH to the addresses provided. He showed me the $20,000 was in my account and that is why I withdrew that amount. I was told by bank of America that money was never in my account instead these scammers are able to type in any amount to make it look as though that money is in our accounts. He was transferring my own money from my savings account into my checking account so that it could be withdrawn. He continued to repeated DO NOT DO ANY ONLINE BANKING MA'AM. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT DO ANY ONLINE BANKING. IT WILL MESS UP EVERYTHING WE ARE TRYING TO FIX. I did not check my accounts because I believed him. I know realize he did not want me to see the money being transferred out of my savings account. I had $41,535.23 in my savings account. He told me I could do online banking (check my account) on Sunday 18 January. They left me with $35.23 of the 41,535.23 +$6,000 worth of gift cards.
I have FedEx receipts, Walmart gift card receipts with used gift cards, bank statements that show the withdrawals, their cell number (no longer a working number) and the text conversations.
I have file a report with my local FBI, the police department in which I live (Grand Prairie , TX) and the Federal Trade Commission - report # 115 293 500

Money sent to: (805) 365.0349 {no longer is in service}
Victor Aubert
5110 Buffalo Speedway
Ste A
Houston, TX 77005
Mark Liang
1453 W. Fawn St
Ontario, CA 91762
Mark Liang 1026 W. 168th St. Gardena, CA 90247 and Victor Aubert 2455 Rice Blvd. Houston, TX 77005 were addresses that were supposed to be used, but was told to send money to the Ontario, CA and the Buffalo Speedway in Houston instead.

E-mail Address:
Phone: 2146414988